Clara Cheung   ----   盧亭      

Lo Ting Series
I read about the story of Lo Ting on Hong Kong newspaper in 2009, and only then, I learnt that Hong Kong also has a mythical character from the ancient time. I slowly found more materials about Lo Ting and learnt that Oscar Ho co-curated a series of exhibitions about the history of Lo Ting in 1997 to 2000. When I was invited to choose an exhibition in the past for a presentation in Para Site’s International Conference in 2015, I decided to look into the exhibition history of “Lo Ting” at the handover of Hong Kong.

The talk can be reviewed at: Para Site’s webpage for the conference
And, I later on published an article, based on my research materials for the talk:
“Reconstructing the Hong Kong cultural identity by reconnecting with history through art exhibitions and performative rituals (from the construction of the “Lo Ting” myth in 1997 to the revival of ritualistic practices in 2014)” at the web platform of "International Association of Art Critic Hong Kong."

I can never get Lo Ting out of my brain after my encounter of its story, and have developed different pieces about Lo Ting since then.