If [I was] to retain you 《要是留著你》: Sharing about C&G's Art Exchange in Vancouvert C&G 溫哥華交流後記分享會

三年前(2017年),C&G參與了溫哥華藝術小組「Hong Kong Exile」的實驗錄像計劃。 拍攝是由這個問題開始: 「你在永別香港前,會做哪10件事?」 拍攝、剪接、後期等工作經歷兩年後,2019年年底,影片終於出爐,而C&G亦於2020年1月,前往溫哥華出席了此影片《要是留著你》的首映和分享會。 2020年6月的香港變得更荒謬,香港人變得更忿怒卻無力。 是次分享會中,C&G除了簡述這次的交流經驗、播放《要是留著你》的精彩片段,也誠邀各位同好到來一起傾談身處當下的感覺和思緒。 這城留得住你嗎?

Three years ago in 2017, C&G started to participate in an experimental film project by the Vancouver artist group, “Hong Kong Exile.” The project began with a question: “What are the ten things that you’d do, before you leave Hong Kong for good?” After two years of shooting and editing work, the film “If [I was] to Retain You” was finished in the end of 2019. C&G were in Vancouver for its first screening and sharing session in 2020 January. Hong Kong’s situation has become even more ridiculous and outrageous in 2020 June. Hongkongers feel even angrier and gloomier. Besides sharing our experiences in this art exchange project and highlights from “If [I was] to Retain You,” C&G sincerely invite you to come to this sharing session, to talk about your feelings and thoughts about this city’s current situation. Can this city retain you?

時間 Time: 27/6/2020 (Sat) 19:00-21:00

地點: 太子西洋菜南街 222 號 3/f C&G 藝術單位

Venue: C&G Artpartment, 3/f, 222 Sai Yeung Choi St South, Prince Edward, KLN