TransWALK 《中間行》: Documentation Exhibitio of Performance Art Exhanges in Eastern Europe 東歐行為藝術交流作品錄像記錄展

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“Transart Communication”行為藝術節已舉辦二十多屆,今屆是由斯洛伐克的Kassak Centre for Intermedia Creativity策劃及籌辦,主要參與藝術家有來自斯洛伐克的Rokko Juhasz,、來自匈牙利的Imre Denes, Istvan Kovacs、來自芬蘭的Roi Vaara、來自德國的Beate Linne、來自中國的童文敏及三位來自香港的歐陽東、張嘉莉及鄭怡敏(阿金),共九人。是次“Transart Communication 2015”行為藝術節,亦同時參與由一群匈牙利獨立策劃人及藝術家自主策動的第一屆“OFF Biennale”。

“Transart Communication 2015”行為藝術節主要是由詩人兼藝術家的Rokko Juhasz策劃,是一個維時超過一星期,走訪多個展演地點的國際藝術活動。是次“Transart Communication 2015”於5月8至17日舉行,共到匈牙利及斯洛伐克兩國,共六個包括室內和室外的地點作行為藝術創作、研討會及分享會。我們三位香港藝術家獲邀參與這次行為藝術節,並參與多場研討會,研討期間,匈牙利及斯洛伐克的朋友均表現十分渴望了解香港的政治情況和去年的雨傘運動,我們在此行的行為藝術創作上,都反映了我們對香港政治及社會現況的關顧。在藝術節期間,與不同國籍行為藝術家交流意念,互相觀摩,大家的展演方式、運用媒介、探討議題、對行為藝術性質的理解都十分不一樣,交織出一個思想互動、行為各異的活動網,讓我們每到不同地方都網羅到不同的觀眾。


“Transart Communication” performance art festival has been organized regularly every two years since 1988. This year, Kassak Center for Intermedia Creativity is the organizer of the festival and has invited totlally nine artists to participate, including Rokko Juhasz from Slovakia, Imre Denes and Istvan Kovacs from Hungary, Roi Vaara from Finland, Beate Linne from Germany, Tong Wen Min from China and three artists from Hong Kong: AuYeung Tung, Clara Cheung and Gum Cheng. “Transart Communication 2015” performance art festival is also one of the participants of the first “OFF Biennale” organized by a group of independent curators and artists.

The chief organizer of “Transart Communication 2015” is Rokko Juhasz who a multidisciplinary artist and poet. The festival involves a weeklong art tour, with the group of artists conducting artist talks, doing performances or space interventions at different venues in Hungary and Slovakia from May 8th to 17th 2015. Some of the venues are indoor, e.g. at cafe, gallery, black box theater, while some of the chosen sites are outdoor, e.g. at town plaza and forest. The three Hong Kong artists were also invited to talk about the political situation in Hong Kong and share about their experiences within the Umbrella Movement. During this tour with “Transart Communciation,” all the performance art pieces by the Hong Kong artists reveal their deep concern and care of the political and social situations of their hometown. Besides, this festival also creates a wonderful opportunity for the participating artists to exchange artistic ideas, to learn from each other. The performance styles, materials involved, topics or issues being discussed for each artist are all very different, and, therefore, allow the festival to become even more interactive and attractive for audience.

The current exhibition will showcase the edited documented videos of all the performance art pieces in this tour. Besides the works by the three participating artists from Hong Kong, there will also be a selection of the performance artworks by the others. The opening of the exhibit will take place on 26 June 2015 6:45pm, and the artist sharing session will be conducted from 7pm to 8:30pm at the exhibit venue. The show will go on until July 24, 2015. It is free for public. For any enquires, please contact 852-23909332.


藝術家: 歐陽東、張嘉莉、鄭怡敏(阿金), 童文敏, Rokko JUHASZ, Imre DENES, Istvan KOVACS, Roi VAARA, Beate LINNE

開幕時間: 2015年6月26日(星期五),下午6:45

香港藝術家討論會: 2015年6月26日(星期五),下午7:00-8:30

展覽日期: 2015年6月27日(星期六) 至 7月24日(星期五)

展覽時間: 下午2:00-7:00,逢星期四、五、六、日、一(星期二、三及公眾假期休息)

展覽地點: 香港 九龍 太子 西洋菜南街222號 三字樓 C&G藝術單位 (港鐵太子站B2出口,始創中心後)

Organised by: C & G Artpartment

Artists: AU YEUNG Tung, CHEUNG Clara, CHENG Yee Man(Gum), TONG Wen Min, Rokko JUHASZ, Imre DENES, Istvan KOVACS, Roi VAARA, Beate LINNE,

Exhibition Opening: 6:45pm, (Fri)26 June, 2015

HK Artists Sharing: 7:00-8:30pm, (Fri)26 June, 2015

Exhibition Period: (Sat) 27 June to (Fri)24 July, 2015

Exhibition Time: 2:00 - 7:00pm, Thur to Mon (Closed on Tue, Wed and Public Holiday)

Venue: C & G Artpartment, 3/F, 222 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Prince Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong

(Exit B2, Prince Edward MTR Station, Behind Pioneer Centre)


“Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this project do not represent the stand of the Council.”