'Curate No More' Book Launch 《策你老毛》本書發布會: with Soy Sauce and Chicken Wings by Gum Cheng 阿金又出豉油又出雞翼

阿金又出豉油又出雞翼 之《策你老毛》本書發布會

“Curate No More” Book Launch with Soy Sauce and Chicken Wings by Gum Cheng

C & G的阿金於2013至2015年兩年期間暫停其策展工作,專心藝術創作,在《策你老毛》主題下,共完成了十個分別歷時兩年的藝術計劃,有關成果已於2015年8-10月期間,在香港八個地點舉行,並已結束。

《策你老毛》藝術計劃的背景、理念、創作過程、目標、方法、內容、問題等等資料,都盡量收錄在《策你老毛》本書 內。

為貫徹《策你老毛》「呆板」、「齋做」、用盡香港藝術發展局撥款的一分一毫,並在倒貼不高於總資助額一個巴仙等宗旨的情況下,出版了這本書。而《策你老毛》本書 發布會即將舉行,歡迎各界出席交流。發布會以輕鬆分享、閒話家常及策你老毛為主,配合阿金女兒最喜愛的豉油雞翼,希望各出席朋友能得到藝術多樣性經驗。

Gum from C&G stopped curating for two years between 2013 and 2015, in order to focus on art-making. He completed ten art projects under the main theme of “Curate No More” during the two years, and then exhibited the project results from August to Octoble, 2015 at 8 different venues.

The backgound, rationale, making-of, objectives, methods, contents, questions and other related info of “Curate No More” art project are all included in the final publication: “ Curate No More.”

In order to keep doing all the boring daily-life exercises, to spend each single cent from HKADC’s project grant, this book was published with no more than 1% extra cost from the artist’s own pocket. The book launch of “Curate No More” will be a relaxing platform for exchanges of artistic ideas and his daughters’ favourite dish: soy sauce and chicken wings. All are welcome!


Book Launch Detail

主辦: C&G 藝術單位

Presented by: C&G Artpartment

場地贊助: 艺鵠

Venue Support: ACO

出席者: Clara & Gum

Presenters: Clara & Gum

日期: 2016年7月15日(星期五)

Date: 15 July, 2016 (Fri)

時間: 下午7:30 - 9:30

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

地點: 香港 灣仔 軒尼詩道365-367號富德樓14樓艺鵠

Address: 14/F, Foo Tak Building, 365-367 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai


Everything will be free, except the books.

組織名稱Name/organization: C&G 藝術單位 | C&G Artpartment

聯絡人姓名Contact name: Clara Cheung & Gum Cheng

聯絡人電話Contact number: 23909332

電郵Email: info@candg-artpartment.com