PERSPECTIVES from Our Public Encounters:


PERSPECTIVES from Our Public Encounters

As part of the Art and the Public initiative, a group exhibition will showcase unique angles and perspectives on different encounters with the public.
Works include drawing, photography, sculpture, installation, prints, book arts, poetry and narratives. Participating artists are currently students in their graduating year doing the MA in Visual Arts at the Academy of Visual Arts, Baptist University. We begin with our identities in our journeys encountering the public, weaving stories and narratives in our continuing communal engagements. We end where we begin and as we embark on a new journey yet again.

The exhibition is held at C&G Artpartment from 12 May until 27 May (Thur to Sun, except 13 May, Tues & Weds). Opening hours: 2-7pm

Details of some of our projects are outlined below:

A present made of cardboard (Gurmehar Singh, Han Jiaxi)
This is a book based on the experiences Gurm and Jiaxi had while helping an old lady (who is a cardboard recycler) with collecting cardboard and pushing trolleys. In this project, Gurm and Jiaxi want to let people know more about these recyclers and make people aware of the situation in society. Moreover, Gurm and Jiaxi also want to acknowledge their contributions to our environment.

Ping Shek Buddy (Ping Shek Buddies)
As part of a publicly engaged project which involves the elderly of Ping Shek Estate, this installation artwork is a valid proof that aging has not bridled their freedom of creation. Apart from unleashing their potentials in arts, the project “Ping Shek Buddy” aims to build a stronger community in the estate and make them feel they are part of the community. For more details, please check out ""

Constructing our Identities with Daily Objects - Ambitious architectures ended up looking like other things (Yip Pak To) From Kowloon Walled City to public housing estates to Victorian architectures, buildings form and shape our communities, they contains our cultures and the past, and they reflects our identities. So how about modern architectures and high rise skyscrapers? Pak To does not think they represent us, and in this project Pak To matches daily objects to some iconic structures around the world to make fun of them, as a protest to their existence and occupancy of what should have been our collective memories.

Lightworkers (Yiu Chi Leung)
When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." John8: 12
‘Lightworkers’ is a project of exploring the light. Being witnessed by different people and through the stories of the Bible, the power of light will be demonstrated in an artistic way, including sharing life, spreading hope, and reconstructing Belief. Without light life, people lost the standard of right and wrong; with light life, life is in Him and has been in the right direction since then.

Poetic Qualities of Pebbles, Pebbly Qualities of Poetry (Chan Pinn Young, Maria)
This sculptural and poetic work evolves out of encounters with the public in and around the remaining fragments of “nature” found and collected in Hong Kong, increasingly affected by human movements and pollution. Maria went on hikes around Hong Kong, sharing her pebble with a special pattern to others and held a workshop “Art and Storytelling in Landscape” at the Wu Kai Sha beach in April 2018. Through her engagements with the public and together, they explore individual spiritual and meditative spaces in close touch with “nature”. For Maria, writing poetry is akin to building a pebble structure – finding words that fit together in an embrace. As we get in touch with “nature”, we embrace one another.

Hong Kong Old Sign project: Impression of Hong Kong Street (Abby & Olivia)
Walking through the old streets such as Tai Nam Street, It is not difficult to find the old shop signs with Hongkongese calligraphy. These old signs, presence as a symbol of Hong Kong. As a residence in Hong Kong, what are their perspectives on the visual element on street? Abby and Olivia want to explore their perspective, through inviting different participants, like artists, residents and passer in the same city, some are from of Tai Nam Street community, and some as an outsider to observe the community. Abby and Olivia see community as a museum, we are the visitor to imagine our own story. Old sign as caption, every object as relics, we interpret the meaning behind to assimilate with our daily life experience.

Using arts to facilitate children’s meaning-making in social roles and surroundings (Chan Cheuk Yee, Zita) As time goes, the definitions and understanding of education have been changing. Children have been under stress in school due to the academic-oriented culture in society. While people place high importance on academic achievement, they tend to overlook easily the importance of nurturing children’s Appropriate manners in treating people and handling things. Nowadays, many children are not polite enough to other people; they are indifferent to the things around them; they are not empathetic enough, and do not understand how to maintain good interpersonal relationships. This bring them Alienate from others, and even do not understand the importance of caring and valuing other people around them, such as schoolmates, friends, and family. Hence, Zita would like to explore and teach them how to learn in an interesting way with the use of Arts, as well as help them release their emotions and burden/pressure with the use of Art Therapy in this research.

Zita’s research will start from a cute girl. Zita met this cute kid in a community art gallery. Zita brought her to the community to understand the roles and characters existing there and encourage her to explore the community with which she is familiar with ears and touch in the form of arts.

Orange Said (Regina Ho)
Orange Said.

March 28, 2018
He said,
“These oranges are good for making juice.
Give you one more free.”

March 29, 2018
She said,
“The mango is also nice…”

April 1, 2018
She said,
“Thank you.”
And gave me a Park’n Shop receipt.

April 27, 2018
She said,
“Are you wearing CK perfume?”
I said,
“You have it?”
She said,
“CK perfume is for man.”

April 29, 2018
He said,
“Egypt orange is very sweet. Try it. The juice is so sweet.”

Once He said,
“I have a daily habit now.
Eat an apple a day.
Be healthy when we meet soon.”

Once She said,
“I eat an orange a day
And am waiting to see you.”

Orange said.