Mapping Local 本土一覽  姚冬穎個人藝術作品展覽   Solo Art Exhibition by Wenda YIU

本土一覽  |  Mapping Local

Solo Art Exhibition by Wenda YIU

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藝術家把眾多不同的「微本土」賦予一個個小生命,顯示出藝術家對當下香港本土還有多餘的想像空間。她借用地區風物來展示香港的另一面,她想保留及再定義那些正被消失和遺忘的東西。以地圖形式展示,似乎還期望這種對「本土」的想像空間,可交給 / 傳給其他人分享,至少讓後人當作古地圖般珍重,偶爾了解下曾經有人對本土歷史的輪廓線有不同想法。

展覽於2021 年6 月19 日(星期六)正式開幕,展期至7 月19 日。費用全免,歡迎各位參觀。藝術家將出席開幕,歡迎各位蒞臨交流及分享。

開幕日期:2021年6月19日(星期六) 下午7:00 - 8:30

展覽日期: 2021年6月21日(星期一) 至 7月19日(星期一)

展覽時間: 星期一、四、五、六,下午2:00至7:00,星期二、三 及 公眾假期休息

策劃及統籌: C & G藝術單位

About the Exhibition: We regard (the territory within) Hong Kong as local. In theory, Hong Kong is unique and special in all different ways. Since mid 2020, the term ‘local’ brings us a bit of awkward and regretful feeling. After the wave of globalization cools down, which place does not focus more on localization? Some may understand ‘local,’ with a more concrete sense, in terms of a place’s geography, administrative boundary and population. Some may understand it, with a more abstract sense, in terms of the ideology, history, culture and national identity of a group of people.

In the current exhibition, young artist Wenda YIU, uses an extremely local way to explain what ‘micro- local’ means to her. Her artistic maps and anthropomorphic illustrations of the ‘micro-local’ Hong Kong incorporate her reinterpretations of the names of different Hong Kong places, ancient and contemporary maps, historical stories, oral histories, mythical stories and even local stories widespread online.

YIU makes different ‘micro-local’ individuals come alive and shows the ability of Hong Kong artists to re-imagine ‘local.’ She uses different local sceneries to reveal another side of Hong Kong, and tries to preserve and reinterpret elements that are disappearing. Through mapping, YIU hopes to share the space for imagination about ‘local’ with audience in the current exhibition, and to provide an opportunity for latecomers to encounter such an alternative imagination of local history in the future.

The exhibition will officially be opened on 19th June, 2021 (Sat) till 19th July, 2020. The exhibition is free of charge and all are welcome. To get to know the artist and share your thoughts about the exhibition, please join us at the opening night from 7pm – 8:30pm.

Opening: 7:00 - 8:30pm, 19th June, 2021 (Sat)

Exhibition Period: 21st June, 2021 (Mon) to 19th July, 2021 (Mon)

Exhibition Time: Mon, Thur-Sat: 2:00 - 7:00pm (Close on Tue, Wed & Public Holiday)

Exhibition Venue: C & G Artpartment, 3/F, 222 Sai Yeung Choi St South, Prince Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Curated & Organized by: C & G Artpartment

About the Artist:

YIU Tung Wing Wenda graduated from BA in Fine Art at RMIT University( co-presented with Hong Kong Art School), major in painting. She pay attention to nature and humanity. She borrows the small islands to show the alternative of Hong Kong, she wants to reserve what is being disappeared and forgotten. Wenda combinates the old map with a contemporary approach, she blurs the outline of the history and tries to redefine what is the meaning of our culture.In 2017, Wenda was awarded ‘Outstanding Artwork (Painting) ‘by at Hong Kong Art School. She set up her co-work studio’Flipside Ltd.’ in Kwun Tong since 2019. In the same year, she has been selected as one of the finalists in ‘WMA Open Photo Contest Exhibition - Opportunity!’, and received the Reaching Out Award from the Hong Kong Education Bureau. Wenda exhibit her works on City Hall and Fine Art Asia in 2020 and started working at NGO to promote community art.


姚冬穎畢業於皇家墨爾本理工大學(香港藝術學院合辦)藝術學士學位,主修繪畫。 她關注自然和人文有關的事情。 她借用地區風物來展示香港的另一面,她想保留那些正在被消失和遺忘的東西。 姚氏將舊地圖與現代方法結合在一起,她模糊了歷史的輪廓線,並試圖重新定義香港文化的含義。2017年,姚氏獲取香港藝術學院頒發的「傑出藝術品(繪畫)」。她在2019年觀塘組織了合辦藝術工作室「Flipside Ltd.」,同年,她被選為“ WMA公開攝影大賽展覽-機會!”的決賽作品之一。 姚氏於2020年在香港大會堂和典亞藝博展出,畢業後開始在非牟利機構工作以促進社區藝術。