His-Stories 《阿金 歷史紀實 自畫像》: Self-Portraits Exhibition of Gum Cheng

《阿金 歷史紀實 自畫像》 His-Stories -- Self-Portraits Exhibition of Gum Cheng

於2013年9月至2015年8月,阿金每星期為自己繪畫一幅自畫像,而自畫像的參考是原自一面社會鏡子:傳播媒體。大規模搜集自己被傳播媒體,包括報章雜誌、電視、網絡媒體等拍攝到的肖像,以繪畫藝術方式再呈現。 藝術家相信自己的肖像因藝術相關工作,被動地被傳媒拍攝並紀錄存檔,於是藝術家希望採取主動,適當地利用「傳媒」如槓桿般的力量,以主動的方式把自己對藝術的理念向外散佈。是次展覽是《策你老毛》兩年計劃之繪畫展的其中一部分,取材自媒體對關於藝術家自身創作的報導,把一個簡單的自我形象,重新包裝,自畫自說,紀錄自我歷史的一刻,以另一個形態在世上延續地再呈現。

This is an exhibition of self-portrait paintings by Gum CHENG between September 2013 and August 2015. Gum paints one self-portrait each week, based upon mass media’s representation of himself. Because of his role as an artist, Gum’s image is being represented and documented in mass media. Instead of being all the way passive, Gum Cheng has adapted a more pro-active approach to re-appropriate the power of the media to further express his own artistic ideas. The current series of paintings is part of the "Curate No More" two year long project by Gum CHENG. It makse use of the re-presentation of "artists" in mass media. A simplified personal history is being re-packaged in the paintings to reveal the sustainable development of an alternative dimension of the artist’s life.

展覽日期: 14/2 - 31/3/2016

開放時間:星期四至一(2-7pm) (星期二至三休息)

Exhibition Period at C&G Artpartment: 14/2 - 31/3/2016

Opening hours:Thur - Mon (2-7:30pm) (close on Tue, Wed and public holidays)