Shanghai Art Quiz 《上海床下底常識問答比賽》:

《上海床下底常識問答比賽》| Shanghai Art Quiz



而「床下底常識問答比賽」的舉辦,就是希望為這些「床下底珍藏」提供一個另類的分享平台,以選擇題形式,把大歷史中的小點子一一拆開、拋出,再由各參與者(我們的藝術拍檔: 即是所有參賽隊員和觀眾),把小點子在現場競賽的演繹中串連起來,以好玩的方式回顧這個城市的藝術故事。

During our artist-in-residence at Asia Art Achieve(AAA) in 2014, we found that what interested us the most in the library were those short stories about different Hong Kong artists and practitioners. These stories may not be part of the grand history narrative, but they are the small dots that can be connected together to make “history” more three-dimensional. Amongst are stories about how the previous art generations met each other, what they did in life other than art-making, how and where the art exhibitions took place back then etc. These simply are the sketches of a city’s art ecology.

The writing of modern history often focuses on the national narratives but neglects the stories from places. If we dig out the stories of each city’s art ecology to examine and explore, or even turn around the “under-the-bed” storage space to check out those “treasures” that have not been properly displayed nor thrown away, then what will we be able to discover? Besides the under-the-bed storage of our hometown (Hong Kong), we are especially curious about the City of Magic —— Shanghai. In the search of the under-the-bed treasures in Shanghai, we found a lot of wonderful materials closely connected to everyday life, such as interviews with different contemporary artists by AAA, “Shanghai Abstract Story” and “On radical Art: the 80s scene in Shanghai” by Zhao Chuan.

The Shanghai Art Quiz is an attempt to provide an alternative sharing platform for the under-the-bed treasures. It will use multiple-choice format to pick up and throw out all the small dots in the grand history. Our artistic partners (all the participating teams and audience members) will then help connect the dots together in a live performance of the quiz. It is a fun way to review and reveal the art stories of a city.


the Project is “supported by the Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region”.

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