Artworks by C&G --- Clara Cheung & Gum Cheng
“Will You Marry Me?”a Performance Piece in 2004(at Gwangju, Korea) & 2008(at Shanghai, China)

Title:"Will You Marry Me?"

Material: Wooden Frame, Printed Image on Banner, Prited certificates on Paper, Stamp
Dates of performance:1. 9/9/2004, 2. 20/2/2008
Places of performance:1. Outside of Gwanju Biennale, Korea, 2. People's Park, Shanghai, China
Name of artwork recorder:1. C&G 2.

Artists have always been in the passive mode in pursuing their true love.
Once upon a time, Artists had a very intimate relationship with Royal Families and Churches. Later on, they were dumped and ran into the arms of Art Dealers. Recently, as the attractiveness of Royal Families, Churches and Art Dealers dramatically decreases, Critics and Curators started courting Artists. And Curators, who have the strong dictative power, are most likely to be able to win the heart of the beauty (Artists). Unfortunately, there is an imbalance among the number of Artists and Curators. Thus, it is comparatively difficult for Artists to find a perfect partner at their marital age.

Acknowledging this, C&G sets up a “Marriage Registration Counter” at 2004 Gwangju Biennale where a huge number of Curators and Artists pass by each other every minute. Artists are encouraged to be more proactive in pursuing marriages full of artistic excitement with the lovely curators at this counter.

Of course, there is no perfectly perfect marriage in this world. If you appear not able to repair your marriage crack in the end, and would prefer to divorce your curator partner, please contact "C&G Divorce Unit."

In 2008, C&G was invited by Shanghai Zendai Musuem of Modern Art to participate in the art project of "Intrude: Art & Life 366." In this project, the museum invited different artists or art groups to conduct one art event in Shanghai everyday in 2008, in the hope of bringing art into the community and the public.

C&G brought "Will You Marry Me?" to the Shanghai people, and did the performance in front of the Shanghai Art Museume and also the People's Park. Again, everyone was welcome to become an artist instantly and get married to a curator in order to gain fame instantly, while McDonald was the witness to the marriages.

《你願意和我結婚嗎?》行為藝術作品 (2004, 2008)


從前,藝術家與皇室貴族、教會關係親密;後來,藝術家被拋棄,轉投畫商懷抱; 近年,評論家及策展人均對藝術家展開猛烈追求。皇室貴族、教會、畫商的吸引力劇減。看形勢,有強勢主導力量的策展人,很大機會可奪得美人歸。 但,藝術家與策展人數目比例僧多粥少,藝術家要在適婚年齡找到好歸宿,難矣。

藝術家一直處於戀愛被動的位置,不敢追求真愛。有見及此,C&G於2004年在眾多藝術家及策展人留連的韓國光州雙年展展場中, 設婚姻註冊單位,為藝術家提供難得機會,讓其可主動與心愛的策展人結婚,共創美滿、光明的藝術生涯。


2008年2月,C & G應中國上海証大現代藝術館邀請,參與一個題為《介入:藝術生活366天》(“Intrude: Art & Life 366”)的藝術活動。 該活動由上海証大現代藝術館主辦,理念是希望在2008年每天都有起碼一項藝術活動於上海市內發生,把藝術「介入」社區,進入民眾生活。

C & G,於2008年2月10日到上海市街頭進行《介入:藝術生活366天》其中一天活動。 當日下午,Clara及Gum先後到曾舉辦歷屆上海藝術雙年展的主要場地—上海美術館的正門外;及傳統民間徵婚集結地—人民公園的正門外進行題為《你願意和我結婚嗎?》(Will You Marry Me?)的互動行為藝術作品。

Clara及Gum先後於上述兩個場地入口,設置一台兩米半高的佈景板,然後邀請觀眾參與,站在佈景板後拍照。 佈景板的影像是一個身為「策展人」的新郎、一個身為「藝術家」但被裁去面孔的新娘,及一個身為「見證人」的麥當勞叔叔。

Clara及Gum邀請參與觀眾站於板後,把頭放在新娘的位置,然後為其拍攝即影即有照片,以作留念, 並證明其在麥當勞叔叔的見證下與策展人結婚。拍照完畢,藝術家就給予該參與觀眾一張結婚證書,並請其在證書上印上指模,禮成。 該參與觀眾便即時成為藝術家,及成功在「C & G婚姻註冊處」於麥當勞叔叔的見證下,與策展人共諧連理,照片及結婚證書就是憑證。

整個行為藝術作品,諷刺了現今西方建立的策展人制度,反思一眾藝術家的生存意義,和反思他們長久在藝術建制下身處的被動狀態; 以人生最開心的事件去反映身為藝術家的悲涼。

2008年到上海一行,特此鳴謝: 香港民政事務局  藝術發展基金
Special Thanks to the Art Development Fund of Hong Kong Home Affairs Bureau for the 2008 Shanghai trip

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